Dating back to 1643, Cire Trudon’s rich heritage includes supplying the French royal household with candles. It’s housed in the brand’s signature handblown glass vessel and stamped with its famous gold seal.

Shaped out of the same emblematic Trudon-green glass, the 350ml fluted container is adorned with a gold emblem.

Handcrafted in the same glass manufacture as the candles, the Diffuser is topped with a 100% recyclable aluminium ring, and comes with 8x natural, black rattan sticks.

This item’s measurements are:

  • Height: 27.5cm
  • Width: 10.5cm
  • 8 reed sticks
  • Diffuses for approximately three months
  • 350ml/ 11.8fl.oz.
  • Made in France


Tapping into that noble connection, this ‘Cyrnos’ fragrance is inspired by the aromatic citrus garden of Empress Eugénie’s villa on the Côte d’Azur. The heady scent is powered by Black Fig, Patchouli and Myrtle and balanced with Lavender, Cedarwood and Musk.


imagines the aromas of an idyllic royal garden perfumed with Bergamot, Kaffir Limes, Turkish Roses, Egyptian Jasmine, Chinese Camellias and Irises.


citrus-based ‘Odalisque’ scent as “furiously romantic”, so this diffuser will set the tone nicely for date nights or anniversary celebrations at home. The warming aroma features top notes of Lemon and Orange which open to a heart of Orange Blossom and round off to a base of Vanilla and Wild Juniper

Spiritus Sancti

recalls the scent of a 16th-century Parisian Cathedral with its blend of Incense, Lily of the Valley and Labdanum evoking the antique pews and snuffed candles

Abd el Kader

takes its name from the Algerian leader. Inspired by Peppermint Tea, it has spiced top notes of Clove and Ginger, a heart of Jasmine and is balanced by Vanilla.


this scent takes inspiration from the heady aroma of Cuban hotels. The fragrance is built upon a base of Amber, Leather and Tobacco – nodding to Mr Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara’s signature cigars – accented by Oak Wood, fresh Bergamot and Grapefruit.


Madurai (blue glass) **NEW**

The Duke of Tuscany first brought jasmine in India in 1690, a flower originally from Arabia. Whether fresh or dried, they still play a quintessential role in India’s myths, legends and daily rituals. At times, jasminum sambac perfumes loose-leaf tea; at others, it is braided into floral necklaces. Revered spiritually, the odorant flower turns into an offering in Hindu temples

Top notes: Ylang-Ylang.

Heart notes: Sambac Jasmine absolute.

Base notes: Benzoin Resin.

Reggio (blue glass) **NEW**

Brought back from Indochina in 1828, the mandarin-tree has since prospered on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. Facing the Messina Strait, it sculpts the Calabrian landscape without a touch of bitterness. The mandarin’s softness hints back to ancient times when its essential oils composed an elegant, fresh scent

Top notes: Grapefruit.

Heart notes: Mandarin essential oil.

Base notes: Mimosa