You will love everything about this set of three mini white lamps by Fatboy. Cute as can be, functional and portable. You will take them everywhere with you, and when you aren’t out and about they will light up little nooks in your house and garden with oodles of ambience. From balcony parties, to your garden table, from your bedside to the seaside, in the tent or your little one’s bedroom. The lamps feature a magnetic snap connector for easy charging, and can be charged separately or together with the same cable. 

Dimensions: 9.7 x 15 cm 0.145kg per lamp 

Care: Clean carefully with a dampened soft cloth, adding a little soap only if necessary. 

3 light settings (33%, 65%, 100%)

Rechargeable battery (Comes with a charging cable with USB connection but NOT with a charging adapter). 

12 hours of life at 100% brightness 

LED light, 3000K