Fat Boy’s story began in 2002 in The Netherlands with an oversized beanbag, the rest is history. Needless to say the world fell in love and since then the brand has been transforming homes, gardens, offices and parties into happier, stylish places. Fat Boy want their products to grow old with you, which is why you can recognise their own versions of old favourites for your home and garden. Iconic designs with a curious and often functional twist. Fatboy products feature fresh, bold colours and unique, unusual dimensions.

A versatile, waterproof shopping bag that will carry all your things to the beach, the pool, picnics, the shack or even the local cafe because its just damn cool. Welcome the ‘Sjopper Kees’ shopping bag from Fatboy. Unique as ever it is a multifunctional shopper made of lightweight EVA (a poly vinyl that is tough and stress-crack resistant) making it easy to clean, waterproof, and very sturdy. It can carry up to 10 kg, giddy-up!

Dimensions: 47 x 17 x 44cm 14 Litres

Care: Use a hairdryer to remove light scratches. If the bag loses its shape, store the bag in its original shape (stuffed with paper to provide support). Clean with soap and water.