Designed and handcrafted by Katie-Ann Houghton, KAH aims to challenge the culture of mass consumption by creating work with innovative design and handmade quality. Designed to be both functional and practical, KAH aims to change the conventional expectations of tableware, and have us view each piece as both a piece of contemporary design and an object of use. 

The tall KAH Squeeze Carafe is both a bold and elegant centrepiece for your dining table. It has been designed to hold cocktails or water so its use extends from the every day to the special occasion. During the blowing process, the sides of the carafe are heated and compressed to create indents on the side that allow for easy grip, making it easy to pour when full. 

The carafe comes with a straight stirring stick for mixing cocktails

Available at LUC in Apricot, Steel Blue and Smoke Grey.