Kasmiri is an ethical luxury brand specialising in cashmere. Founded in New Zealand, designed in Australia and meticulously made with love in the Himalayas. Luxurious cashmere made to last for life’s adventures.

The Cashmere Travel Wrap is the quintessence of elegance and versatility. Use it in many ways. As a scarf, a wrap draped elegantly across one shoulder, or tied loosely around the neck for a warm statement piece. Kasmiri’s Cashmere Travel Wrap is knitted tightly for longevity and a luxurious drape. It is perfect for keeping warm while being lightweight and compact for easy travel. Use your wrap as a high-end fashion accessory, for warmth when heading out, or as a cosy piece to snuggle up at home.

  • Tightly knitted in 12 gauge so you get more cashmere for unsurpassed warmth and luxurious drape.
  • Lightweight and breathable therefore perfect for any season.
  • OEKO-TEX Certified Cashmere.
  • Available in Spice, Black and Wheat packaged in a beautiful gift box

Made from soft two-ply, 100% Cashmere yarn (Grade AAA cashmere)

Dimensions: 200cm x 60 cm (Weight 250g)