The pool ring; what a childhood classic, if we didn’t have one ourselves we sure had a friend who did. Perhaps long forgotten in our adult lives but like all good things it has come full circle and been reborn. In Denmark in 2019 Petites Pommes’ founders Celine and Anna reimagined the classic. They set out to develop a collection of timeless inflatables with an aesthetic so familiar and simple that it would transcend ever-changing fashion. The Petites Pommes swim ring has been designed with an extra fine inside seam for premium comfort, ensuring long afternoons relaxing and soaking up the sun. Available in a gorgeous range of colours to complete the sunny summer holiday look. Use beachside or poolside or under the sprinkler in the backyard at home!

Please note: we have 2 x sizes available 60 cm perfect for your little one and 120cm for adults

A repair patch is included with each product should you accidentally suffer a small puncture and each ring is delivered in a reusable bag of organic cotton for easy storage when not in use. 

Made of durable 0.3mm PVC ( Free of BPA and phthalates). 

All Petites Pommes floats are hand-painted. The process being completely manual meaning that small colour variations between products may occur.

Tips for care: Never over-inflate or use compressed air to inflate your swim ring as this may cause it to burst. After use, rinse the float in clean water or wipe with a damp cloth. Do not leave the float in direct sunlight when not in use. Exposure to excessive heat may cause swelling. Ensure the float is dry before folding and storage.