‘With Swedish Tonic Syrup, G&T tastes like it was meant to’ – Per s. 

Swedish Tonic Syrup (200ml) is the original tonic syrup that is diluted with carbonated water to make your own tonic. No more pre-mix, make your G&Ts to your taste! Decide the strength of your tonic and experience the pleasure that natural ingredients bring to your G & T game. Works so well as additions to other drinks too, with and without alcohol. 

The tonic is made by hand from real ingredients (no refined sugar or flavourings to be found here). Contains natural quinine from the Cinchona bark. 

One bottle is enough for around 10 drinks (depending on your taste preference) 


Water, cinchona bark, agave syrup, hand squeezed lime, lemon & orange, allspice, juniper berries, citric acid and potassium sorbate.