Tank is a series of drinking vessels constructed using the simplest geometric language of spheres cones and cylinders. Their pared back aesthetic combined with the solid counterweight of thick and solid glass as a stem or pedestal gives them an instantly recognisable minimal silhouette. This year we see them burst into colour, albeit, in a particularly sophisticated and restrained emerald green. The choice of green seems timely given that the colour is associated with all things positive, from health and growth, to calming and anxiety-reducing, vitality and nature. Green also falls in the middle of the visible light spectrum, giving it the quality of equilibrium and making Tank the perfect tableware partner in any setting.

Tank is made from mouth-blown clear glass and defined by simple shapes inspired by the rigour of science laboratory equipment. The gift set includes four low ball glasses.

Made from mouth blown glass

Made in Poland

Dimensions: W 8 x H 11 cm